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04 March 2020C.R.Ashbee: What Made Him Do It?
01 April 2020The Holland Park Circle (Victorian Painters, Sculptors and Architects living in Holland Park)
06 May 2020Discovering MacDonald Gill: Architect, Artist and Mapmaker
03 June 2020Not Just Standing Around: Understanding Statuary in the 17th and 18th Century Garden in England.

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C.R.Ashbee: What Made Him Do It? Shawn Kholucy Wednesday 04 March 2020

It is only natural to assume that the Arts & Crafts goldsmith, architect and designer, Charles Robert Ashbee, who founded the School and Guild of Handicraft in the third quarter of the nineteenth-century and designed so many exquisite pieces of fine jewellery, silverware, furniture and household objects and items did so from a burning dedication to create beautiful things.  What he and the Guild did would influence many and have far-reaching effects which continue today.  His driving force came from a far more worthy and meaningful source than just the making of pretty things; from the outset, it was to bring about self-worth, well-being, social reform; in a word: revolution.

Shawn Kholucy is an architect working mainly on medieval churches, a Lethaby-Plunket Scholar of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) and a Brother of the Art Workers Guild.  He lectures on architectural matters at academic institutions and to interest groups here and abroad and has organised and led many study days and tours and has contributed articles to magazines and journals.   A researcher of Mamluk Jerusalem (1987) and co-researcher and co-author of A View of the Cotswolds (2004). Wrote the updating comments and notes for the new edition of A.R.Powys's seminal 1929 work Repair of Ancient Buildings (2015).

Image:  Carafe/Decanter 1904 V&A

Source: Dalbéra - Wikimedia Commons